Our Mission

Flying Monkey Con Charitable Foundation

So what is Flying Monkey Con Charitable Foundation? Well it is a mouth full but it's who we are. 

The Flying Monkey Con is a convention that's purpose is to show the general public that we can all come together as a wargaming community and use our powers for good. 

Our Mission is to run a successful event every year for our attendee's. The more successful our event is, the more local Wichita and surrounding area's charities benefit. As far as we are concerned that is what is most important. 

A question you might ask yourself is what charities are we supporting? Our first charity that will be receiving our raffle proceeds and the profits we make on the event, is called Passageways. 

Passageways is a local Wichita charity that engages with the community and law enforcement to find homeless veterans. When a veterans is found they are welcomed by Passageways into the organization owed home where they are sheltered and fed, the staff also works with the veterans to try and find them a job,a car, and provide them with health care so that they can get back on their feat. If you want more information about Passageways here is a link to their site. http://www.passagewaysltd.org/vets

We felt that many in the wargaming community could relate to Passageways as many are veterans or are active service members. So anything we can give to this organization is directly impacting somebody who truly deserves the donation.

Hero's shouldn't be left behind on the table top or in real life.

The other organization we wish to have our profits and raffle proceeds go towards, is an organization in Bartlesville Oklahoma. This organization is called On The Rocks Ministries. If that sounds familiar that is a good thing because our sister tournament, the Iron Halo and the Iron Realms GT both support this organization. 

On The Rocks supports local Bartlesville kids and young adults, with after school style programs where kids can spend their evenings at the facility where they are safe, and have some really fun things to do while they are at On The Rocks. If you are interested in more info about On The Rocks here is their site, http://www.ontherockministries.com/about.html

We are constantly seeking other charities who we believe we can help the most, we want to focus on our local and surrounding area's, so if you have any suggestions are to a worthy cause or charity please reach out to us at flyingmonkeygt@gmail.com.


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