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We are running an extensive hobby showcase that is open to all miniatures. If you enter any event, you get entry into the Hobby Contest for free.


Flying Monkey Con Hobby Contest Policies and Rubric

Painting Policy
  • 3 Color Minimum & Based - The Flying Monkey GT maintains the policy that any model that is not painted to at least a 3 color minimum and based can and will be pulled from every game in which the model does not have the 3 color minimum rule. We realize this might seem harsh, but we feel like it is not in the spirit of the game to be played with models that do not have some level of effort put into painting the models. That said we will NOT pull models that we believe to be aesthetically unpleasing, everyone paints at different levels, all we ask is that you respect our wishes and feelings, and the feelings of your opponents who put a lot of care into the painting aspect of our hobby.
  • What is 3 color minimum & Based? It is not a couple of brush strokes on each model and calling it 3 colors. Each model in your army must show clear effort to attain 3 colors. Washes and dry brushing count towards one of your 3 colors. Basing can be any sort of gravel and flock glue to the bases of each of your armies models.

Painting Competitions 
  • At the Flying Monkey Con there will be 2 separate painting competitions. The first will be the singles painting competition, where individuals will compete model to model against other attendees. Categories and more details about the competition are below. The voting process will begin DAY 1 between rounds 1 and 2 of the AOS and 40k competitions.
  • The second competition will be the best painted army. Judging will be based on a rubric and then an average of the judges scores will be used to determine the overall paint score. The judging process will begin DAY 1 after the 3rd round for AOS and 40k competitions. Info and Rubric are below
  • PLEASE NOTE: COMMISSIONED WORKS ARE DISALLOWED this is a painting competition, it is unfair to other entrants to enter work that you have not personally done yourself. This is an HONOR SYSTEM – that means failure to adhere to this rule will result in sanctions. If you are found to have violated this rule at the current event or any previously attended event, ONE or MORE of the following may happen:
    • Disqualification from painting competition
    • Return of awards
    • Banning from next Flying Monkey Con painting competition (this would be the next one you would attend, not the next years)
    • Repeat offenses may result in permanent ban from painting competition and best army competitions

Flying Monkey Con Singles Painting Competition:


Attendees who purchase a con badge are granted entry into the competition.

Attendees will have the opportunity to enter miniatures in a variety of categories – Attendees may enter any miniatures they wish with the following restrictions:
  • Any Miniature may only be entered in a single category
  • Some Categories are subjective , judges reserve the right to re-categorize any entry that they deem not fit for the entry that have been entered in.
  • Votes will be counted once all attendee’s have voted. Anyone who has a Con Badge is allowed to vote

Categories Offered:

Best Character (scifi)
Best Squad (scifi)
Best Vehicle/Monster (scifi)
Best Character (fantasy)
Best Squad (fantasy)
Best Warhmachine/Beast (Fantasy)
Best Superheavy/Gargantuan (Scifi)
Best Behemoth (Fantasy)

Flying Monkey Con Best Painted Army Competition:


  • You must be in a two day tournament to compete in the Best Painted Army Competition
  • Judgement based on the rubric is subjective, that said, any judgement score is final and will not be change under any circumstance
  • Overall paint score will be added to total score. This will help determine overall winner of the Flying Monkey Con’s 40k and AOS overall champions.
  • Please plan on leaving your army and display boards in the hall over night. The judges will insure the protection of the models. The hall will be locked at night if you wish to leave your army at the judging tables. 

Flying Monkey Con Best Painted Army Competition: Rubric

Contestants ID#
Flying Monkey Con 2019
Paint Contest Rubric
1) Table Top Ready
Model Assembly including but not limited to Mold Line Cleanup and removal of Gaps
Paint/ Primer layers (are details of the model highly visible)
3 Basic Colors
Blocking of the colors (Crisp, clean separation between details)
2) Shading and Highlighting
Edge Highlighting/ Panel Highlighting
Airbrush Layering Techniques
Blended Layering Techniques (3 or more Layers)
3) Basing
Simple Base with Textured Acrylic.
Textured Acrylic and Foliage added
Multiple Textured Acrylics with Multiple Foliages utilized
Coherency/ Aesthetics
Well Painted Resin Bases
4) Artistic Effort
Fine Detailing
Conversions/ Kitbashing/ Light Effects/ Sound Effects
Display Board
OSL - Object Source Lighting
NMM - Non Metal Metallic
Zenithal Highlighting
Free Hand
Weathering/ Battle Damage
5) Overall Impact
Judge Awards Points for Overall Impression of the Army
Does this Force just demand to be seen from across the room?
Possibility of 10 points per category based on execution of criteria listed in each category.

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