Monday, February 26, 2018

Iron Halo GT - 40k

Times are a rolling for the Flying Monkey Con. Double whammy on this post! Do you want to score yet another ticket to our event? Well you need to get your butt to the Iron Halo GT in Bartersville Oklahoma on October 6th and 7th, because not only is it one of the premier Midwest tournament you can snag a 2019 Flying Monkey Con ticket while you are there! 

That's not all, if you like the sound of this event, which you should, because its an amazing event, ran by some great people, for a great cause. If you come to the Flying Monkey Con you can get yourself a ticket for free to this great event! Please see our 40k page for more info on how to get the ticket, and if you want more info on the event here is a link to their website! Another huge thanks to the Iron Halo!

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