Monday, October 30, 2017


We are very happy to announce the 3rd annual Flying Monkey Con formally known as the Flying Monkey GT!

So what has changed from the last 2 years? Well for starters, our name! We added 2 more games to the list of war-games available to play. For a total of 5! We felt that by providing that many options for our attendees, we were no longer in the category of a "Grand Tournament" but a War-gaming Convention!

Another difference from past years is the date, we are now hosting the event on June 22nd through the 24th

The event is taking place at the Drury Hotel Broadview! A beautiful venue capable of hosting the amount of attendee's we are excepting! Please click on our Venue tab for more info

What Games are we offering this year? We have a Warhammer 40k GT, an Age of Sigmar GT, Kings of War 2 day tournament, X-wing, and a Horus Heresy narrative event!

Please see the respective tabs for info on each of the events, and be on the look out for when tickets are available. Tickets are open to the public 12/1/2017. Please see our tickets tab for more info. 

You can also tune into the latest episodes of Flying Monkey Wargaming to get in on all the latest updates of the Flying Monkey Con!