Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The results are in!

Thanks again for coming to the Flying Monkey GT! We hope you had a great time! Below is the list of winners:

40K Champs
Best Overall: Trent Northington
Best General: Aidan Barkley
Best Painted: Marshall VanNortwick
Second Best General: Tony Thebeau
Third Best General: Andy Anderson
Best Sport: Walter Reasoner
DFL: Jason Zimmerman
Best Character: Mike Keys
Best Vehicle: Brian Hunter
Best Monster: Troy Morse-Carmody
Best Unit: Robert Barr
Best Lord of War: Cody Middleton
Comeback Kid: Will George
Finisher: Mike Keys
Most Prepared: David Kohman
Most Interesting List: Chase Garber
Best of Faction Winners:
Imperium: Mike Keys
Chaos: Joe Kulas
Aeldari: Jesse M Pinick
Adeptas Sororitas: Kenneth Eubanks
Astra Militarum: Justin Shafer
Cult Mechanicus: Matthew Runde
Daemons: Jason Burau
Sautekh: Cody Boe
Space Wolves: Logan Shelton
Tyranids: Chase Garber
Ultramarines: Cyle Thompson
Blood Angels: Quinton Alexander
Grey Knights: Joe Guzowski
Tau: Kyle Doeschot
Xenos: Chase Campbell
Best Team: Warhogs

2v2 Tournament:
1st: Jason Burau & Tony Thebeau
2nd: Mike Keys & Wesley Chmielewski
3rd: Maverik Bishop & Gage Hunt

Shadow War:
Winners: Andy Michael, Steven Algier, Chad Wharton

1st: Andy Michael, Justin Shafer
2nd: Kenneth Eubanks, Logan Shelton
Last: William T. Reece, Gage Hunt

Knight Joust:
1st: Jason Burau
2nd: Walter W. Reasoner
1st Out: Chase Fishel

Congratulations to everyone!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Thank you to Tabletop Gamer Store, for their sponsorship of our GT.

They gave us 3 highly detailed Laser Cut MDF buildings.  4 Hobby organizers.  Some terrain bases, some Miniature bases, and 2 neat Miniatures.

Please visit their website at:

Thank you for your support.