Saturday, August 12, 2017

40K List Submission

List submission will be related to sportsmanship scores this year. You don't have to presubmit your list, but it is recommended, and will be worth 10 points (18%) of your overall sportsmanship scores. 
If you'd like to submit your list, please email your list to

Submit your list by 8/19/2017 to earn 10/10 points
If your list is in by 8/26/2017 you will earn 7/10 points
If your list is in by 8/30/2017 you will earn 5/10 points.

We recommend you submit your list in a basic and readable format. Here is an example

Imperium - Battalion (3 CP) 24 PL, 515 Points 
2, 40 - Tempestor Prime (Chainsword, Command Rod) *Warlord: +1 Leadership*
7, 136 - Ordo Malleus Inquisitor In Termie Armor (Psycannon, Psyker - Dominate)

3, 84 - MT Command Squad (4 Meltaguns)
3, 72 - MT Command Squad (4 Hot Shot Volley Guns)

3, 61 - MT Scions (2 Plasmaguns)
3, 61 - MT Scions (2 Plasmaguns)
3, 61 - MT Scions (2 Plasmaguns)

Notice the highlighted warlord trait and psychic power. Per GW's Chapter approved rules, you must include you psychic powers, Warlord traits, and any other pre-game ability as part of your list, and may not be changed from game to game at the same event.

Power Level isn't required, but we recommend it. The "No Mercy" mission calculates kill points based on Power Level, so it will be handy to reference it.

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