Thursday, June 29, 2017

Introducing the Team

Austin Crandell -> A 40K rules judge, and always willing to help out, for instance, helping out with sponsorship.  He helped us out last year, and we are thrilled he agreed to come back.

Brian Hunter -> Our AoS TO.  He is an elite painter, artist, and a frequent best painted winner at our local events.  He’s been organizing our local AoS escalation league, and has seen that game grow by leaps and bounds.  He’s agreed to help with some artwork for our T-Shirts, and is the driving force behind the Flying Monkey Wargaming podcast.  He brings a lot to our group, and we are happy he has agreed to help us out.

Duncan Ensminger -> Our location scout / manager, and a 40K rules judge.  He’s also done lots of our promotion work, and helped with sponsorship.  Duncan has been taking over increasing responsibility this year, and really contributed to making this event a success.  He also contributes to Flying Monkey Wargaming Podcast.

Jenna Graber -> She has been the all star this year for gathering sponsorship.  Of our 224 potential sponsors, she contacted 118 of them.   She is relatively new to wargaming, but ran our registration / scoring table last year, and we are fortunate to have her.

Matt Neely -> Our head 40K rules judge, reprising that role from last year.  Matt is our veteran of 40K events having been to more than the rest of us combined.  We are thrilled he is committed to our event, and are lucky to have him.  Also a host of the Flying Monkey Wargaming Podcast.

Troy Graber -> This year’s ringer.  He has helped organize Flying Monkey GT at every level, and was behind the amazing Sponsorship response at last year’s event.  He contributes to promotion, and tries to keep everything on schedule.

Our Charity Raffle Painters:  Brian Hunter, David Kohman, and William “Toby” Reece.

Our Terrain Specialists: Clifford McAllister, Jason Zimmerman, and Mike Grudowski

We’ve got numerous other contributors.  We wish we could name you all. Our team grows frequently.  It is our great people that are going to make this event so phenomenal.

We’ve still got 11 Heartless Tree Killer tickets for sale for our 40K champs.  Don’t miss out:

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