Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Big Number 2.

We are pleased to announce 2nd Annual Flying Monkey GT.

We've booked an excellent venue at the Sedgwick County Extension Center. It should offer us lots of space, lots of flexibility and keep our costs under control.

We've learned from last year. The extension center has a half dozen restaurants in walking distance, allows outside food, and drink. Also, on Saturday there is a farmer's market with food trucks right out front.

By scheduling our event on Labor Day we can offer an extra day, and even more options. We'll be sending out a poll soon to get everyone's feedback on what they'd like to see, but speaking for myself, it would be great to include a team tourney.

The extension center doesn't allow alcohol, but Beerhammer is always a highlight, so we are currently locating a separate venue for that. We have a great prospect, and we will announce it as soon as we can nail down the details.

Mark Your Calendars. Sept 1-4. Wichita, KS. Help us make this a Gigantic Number 2.