Sunday, April 10, 2016

Thank You to our Terrain Team

We did final preparation on terrain today and yesterday. I was dumb and didn't take pictures, but I want to acknowledge those who have helped us prepare all of the terrain we will possibly need.
Thank you to the following people for loaning us Terrain:
Hero Complex
Wizard's Asylum
Iron Halo
and Clifford McAllister
Thank you to Stephen Zenner for teaching me how to build terrain, and helping me build 87 new pieces for this event.
Thank you to Matt Neeley for building and painting the sponsored terrain from the Tabletop Gamer Store
Thank you to the following people who showed up to help me prepare terrain today:
Andy Michael
Matt Neeley
Clifford McAllister
Austin Crandell
Thanks to all of the hard work, we are going to have an excellent selection of high quality terrain for our event.
In addition to the Terrain work today, my wife, Jenna Hendricks Graber, compiled the player packet and put together the swag bags, which are looking quite good.
Because I am the spokesperson and face of this event, the contribution of others can sometimes get overlooked. This is an enormous undertaking, and a team effort so today instead of promoting more sponsorship, I want to acknowledge the work of our team.

Here are some pics from earlier in the terrain building process:

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