Friday, April 8, 2016

Thank You to Dicehead

I'm Pleased to Announce that Dicehead has come through on their sponsorship promise. In addition to being an online gamestore, they are a subscription box service that delivers Gamer Mystery boxes.  They sent us 3 Mystery Boxes for our prize pool.

"What is a Mystery Box you ask???
Each month will include a selection of products from many Major Game Companies, including, but not limited to : Games Workshop (guaranteed every month), Mantic Games, Secret Weapon Minis, Steve Jackson Games, Bombshell Minis, Hawk Minis, Vallejo, Kromlech, Featured Company Special Product Offerings and MORE!

Each Box will contain at least $100 in New Product."

I peaked in one box, because I wasn't sure how to advertise it.  Inside there were brand new kits.  Several Different Game Systems, several different Manufacturers.  That $100 estimate is not an exaggeration, there is good value in this Boxes.  I'm so Thrilled to have them on board.

We are going to give one away as a door prize drawing to 40K ticket holders.  The other 2 will be added to the "Best of Faction" 40K prizes.

****** But Wait we aren't done yet  ******
Anyone entering the event can use the coupon code FMGT2016 (Good through July 31st) for an additional 5% off any order placed with Dicehead.Com.   Making their webstore 25% OFF and if you use it with GW, you can call or email us the code to save on GW as well.

Thank you so Much to our Generous Sponsor:

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