Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hobby Contest Results

Hobby Prize Winners

Best Painted Army:
 Clifford McAllister
Best Conversion/Scratch Built: Jon R Leonard Jr
Best Painted Group of Models: Matthew Root
Best Painted Monster: Eric Brown 
Best Painted Vehicle: Eric Brown
Best Painted Small Model: Matthew Root
Best Painted 40K Other: Richard Martin
Best Painted Non 40K: Eric Brown
Judges' Choice Best Army: Andrew Ford
Best Diorama/Display board: Danny Holwerda Jr.
Best 40K Troop: John McCool
Best 40K LOW: Will Hodges
Best 40K HQ: Jon R Leonard Jr
Best 40K Elite: Eric Brown
Best 40K Fast Attack: Andrew Ford
Best 40K Heave Support: Jon R Leonard Jr
Judges' Choice Honorable Mention: Richard Martin
If you received a gift certificate, Troy Graber will email the code to you this week.

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