Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Top 8 Lists

Here are the Top 8 Lists:
1 - Matt Root
2 - Cyle Thompson
3 - Steven Heitmeyer
4 - Brett Perkins
5 - Baxter Sequin
6 - John McCool
7 - Trent Northington
8 - Cody Boe

40K Winners

Best Overall (Renaissance Man)Matthew Root
Best General: Cyle Thompson 
2nd Best GeneralSteven Heitmeyer
3rd Best GeneralBrett M Perkins
Best Sport: Baxter Seguin

Best of Factions in order of Faction popularity:
Best of Necrons: Cody Boe
Best of Chaos Demons: Trenton Northington
Best of Eldar: Andy Ford
Best of TauRichard Martin
Best of KDKJason Burau
Best of Space MarinesDanny Holwerda Jr.
Best of Imperial KnightsNick Shufeldt
Best of Orks: John McCool
Best of Skitarii: Jeremiah Petit
Best of Imperial GuardIan Gabor
Best of Dark Angels: John Shamp
Best of Grey KnightsGage Hunt
Best of Renegades: Mark Anksorus
Best of the RestChase Garber

Best Team: War Hogs
Most Interesting List: Jon R Leonard Jr
DFL: Walter W. Reasoner

Hobby Contest Results

Hobby Prize Winners

Best Painted Army:
 Clifford McAllister
Best Conversion/Scratch Built: Jon R Leonard Jr
Best Painted Group of Models: Matthew Root
Best Painted Monster: Eric Brown 
Best Painted Vehicle: Eric Brown
Best Painted Small Model: Matthew Root
Best Painted 40K Other: Richard Martin
Best Painted Non 40K: Eric Brown
Judges' Choice Best Army: Andrew Ford
Best Diorama/Display board: Danny Holwerda Jr.
Best 40K Troop: John McCool
Best 40K LOW: Will Hodges
Best 40K HQ: Jon R Leonard Jr
Best 40K Elite: Eric Brown
Best 40K Fast Attack: Andrew Ford
Best 40K Heave Support: Jon R Leonard Jr
Judges' Choice Honorable Mention: Richard Martin
If you received a gift certificate, Troy Graber will email the code to you this week.

Pictures from the Event

We've been posting Pictures on Facebook, and on my google drive.

GT Pics Part 1:

GT Pics Part 2:

Pics from Cliff:

Pics from Danny:

Pics from Stephen:

Pics from William:

Pics of Knight Joust Winners:

Pics of Hobby Winners:

Pics of 40K Winners:

Group Pics:

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pre-approval Deadline approaches

A Reminder to everyone. If you want your list pre-approved, please submit it today (4-14-2016). Pre-approval isn't required, but we offer it as a service to avoid issues at the event.

You can check your name for an Asterisk (*) here:

That means you are good to go. Rob B is the only list submitted that we haven't verified, so if you submitted it, and we didn't reply, please resubmit, or comment on this post, and I will contact you to make sure we receive it.

Your Friendly TO

Thank You to Omega Chocolate

I'm pleased to Announce that Omega Chocolate of Bartlesville has joins us as a sponsor. They will be selling their delicious wares at our Convention.
In Addition, they have provided a prize for our Knight Joust. Here is the Description:
This is a 12 piece artisan, American style truffle assortment of both milk and dark chocolate. Flavors include a variety of fruits, liqueurs, and traditional options in a beautiful presentation box with legend.

Thank you to our newest, and very likely final sponsor:

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

*One of a Kind Sponsorship Update*

When you woke up this morning, I'll bet you thought this would be an ordinary day like any other.

You were wrong.

Introducing the newest sponsor for Flying Monkey GT:

That wasn't a typo.  Games Workshop will be sponsoring us with a number of Buttons and Patches.  Little promotional items, but they are official.   We will add these to some of our top prizes in 40K and the Hobby Contest.

Thank you to our newest Sponsor:

40K Scholarships Available.

We've had a couple people dropped out that already paid for their 40K ticket. It is past the refund date (April 1st), but I don't want those ticket to go to waste, so if you know anyone that would like to come, we have 2 Tournament Scholarships available.

Use the Contact US section of this website to contact me if you know anyone interested.

Thank You to Wizard's Asylum

We are pleased to Announce that Wizard's Asylum of Wichita, one of our primary Sponsors has come through on their sponsorship.

Since the very beginning Wizard's Asylum has been on board, and has been a cornerstone of this event. They are providing Terrain, Table Mats, a Vendor Booth, Beerhammer Prize (s), sponsoring our Bar, Trophies for Blood Bowl and Beerhammer, and this Betrayal at Calth box that will go to our 3rd Best General.

Thank you to our core sponsor, and Friendly Local Gamestore Wizard's Asylum of Wichita.

Thank You to Hero Complex

We are pleased to Announce that Hero Complex Games and Entertainment, one of our primary Sponsors has come through on their sponsorship.

Since the very beginning Hero Complex has been on board, and has been a cornerstone of this event.  They are providing Terrain, Table Mats, a Vendor Booth, Warmachine Prize(s), our Twitch Live Stream, and this Deathwatch Overkill box that will go to our 2nd Best General.  They are also contributing our Trophies for 40K.  I got to see the trophies being made, and I think they will be outstanding.

Thank you to our core sponsor, and Friendly Local Gamestore Hero Complex Games and Entertainment.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Trophy for Last Place

Last Place at a GT of this size is something of an achievement in its own right. It was important that we make sure that our trophy and Prize for the last place player helped to make them feel as special as they are.

Allow me to present our award for Dead Freakin' Last. This inspirational vase will help the winner in many ways.

Emotionally: The inspirational messages on the side and the pretty flowers will help you understand what really matters. Not winning a silly game of 40K apparently.

Socially: Carrying this overly large and heavy vase full of dice and candy will make you the envy of your friends.

Practically: After 2 days of the Dice Gods looking upon you unfavorable, you probably need a new set of dice. This Vase is full of them.

We hope that everyone in attendance will help us celebrate our DFL by contributing any dice that have shamed you to this vase on our bottom table.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Maps and Parking Info

Were you Looking for the Player Packet?  CLICK HERE

Here are some Maps to help you find our Event Space, and where to park.

Our event is at the Hyatt Regency / Century II Convention Center on the upper floor. Century II is a big place, so it is easiest if you Park on the Hyatt Side. As soon as you are in the Door there will be touch Screens that will tell you how to get to our event, or you can just find the elevators or stairs.
This is going out to everyone in an Email Tomorrow Morning.

Thank You to Bob Smith Industries

I'm Pleased to Announce that our sponsor Bob Smith Industries has come through on their sponsorship Promise. They sent us 9 bottles of glue and adhesive products.  These will be added to our hobby prize pool.

Bob Smith Industries was actually the very 1st sponsor to respond to my initial round of sponsorship letters.  They were somewhat bemused to even be asked, and more than happy to contribute.  It is somewhat fitting that they are one of the last to arrive before the event.  

Thank you to our Generous Sponsor:

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Thank You to our Terrain Team

We did final preparation on terrain today and yesterday. I was dumb and didn't take pictures, but I want to acknowledge those who have helped us prepare all of the terrain we will possibly need.
Thank you to the following people for loaning us Terrain:
Hero Complex
Wizard's Asylum
Iron Halo
and Clifford McAllister
Thank you to Stephen Zenner for teaching me how to build terrain, and helping me build 87 new pieces for this event.
Thank you to Matt Neeley for building and painting the sponsored terrain from the Tabletop Gamer Store
Thank you to the following people who showed up to help me prepare terrain today:
Andy Michael
Matt Neeley
Clifford McAllister
Austin Crandell
Thanks to all of the hard work, we are going to have an excellent selection of high quality terrain for our event.
In addition to the Terrain work today, my wife, Jenna Hendricks Graber, compiled the player packet and put together the swag bags, which are looking quite good.
Because I am the spokesperson and face of this event, the contribution of others can sometimes get overlooked. This is an enormous undertaking, and a team effort so today instead of promoting more sponsorship, I want to acknowledge the work of our team.

Here are some pics from earlier in the terrain building process:

Saturday, April 9, 2016

**** A Statement on Lists and List Pre-Submission ****

**** A Statement on Lists and list Pre-Submission  ****

In light of recent events (Adepticon, March Madness), there has been a greater call to review lists.  It is with that in mind that we are making a small policy change.

The new policy:
Lists are not required to be pre-submitted, but at our event we plan to validate EVERY LIST in attendance.  This will be done by the Judging panel, and will be done during the event, when the judges aren't actively involved otherwise.

We the Judges will do our best.  We will use tools to aid us such as Battlescribe, and we will consult Codexes and rule books where we think it is important, however, we are human, and capable of errors.

We will have the following consequences for lists found to be invalid.

A) If the issue is minor, such as a typo, or a misspelling, and does not affect gameplay we will issue a warning, and ask that it be notated for future opponents.

B) If the Judges have approved the list, and missed an issue that has effected gameplay, for instance an army being over points, we will require the following corrections.

  1. The player with the Illegal list will be issued a warning.
  2. The list will be corrected for future rounds by removing components (wargear, models or units).
  3. Opponents who lost to the list prior to the correction will be granted +500 bonus points.   

C) if the Judges have not yet approved the list, or find the error during the approval process:

  1. The player with the Illegal list will penalized with -1,000 points.
  2. The player with the illegal list will be disqualified from Best Overall.
  3. The list will be corrected for future rounds by removing Units until it is legal.
  4. Opponents who lost to the list prior to the correction will be granted +500 bonus points.   

In light of this policy update, if you would like to pre-submit your list for approval you may do so by sending me a Facebook message, or using the Contact Us link on the website:

We ask for 24 hours to grant a pre-approval, so lists submitted April 15 or later will not be pre-approved.

40K Awards Update

Based on our current sponsorship and ticket sales, we've picked the list of 40K Awards and Prizes.

40K is our keystone event, and so we want to Honor that, and we are prepared to do so with almost $3,000 in cash and prizes.

You can find the list of awards a description of them with the likely prizes that accompany them:

We aren't done yet selling tickets, or collecting sponsorship.  We are still expecting 3 notable sponsorships that will be added to the prize pool, and fill in for the question marks.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Thank You to Dicehead

I'm Pleased to Announce that Dicehead has come through on their sponsorship promise. In addition to being an online gamestore, they are a subscription box service that delivers Gamer Mystery boxes.  They sent us 3 Mystery Boxes for our prize pool.

"What is a Mystery Box you ask???
Each month will include a selection of products from many Major Game Companies, including, but not limited to : Games Workshop (guaranteed every month), Mantic Games, Secret Weapon Minis, Steve Jackson Games, Bombshell Minis, Hawk Minis, Vallejo, Kromlech, Featured Company Special Product Offerings and MORE!

Each Box will contain at least $100 in New Product."

I peaked in one box, because I wasn't sure how to advertise it.  Inside there were brand new kits.  Several Different Game Systems, several different Manufacturers.  That $100 estimate is not an exaggeration, there is good value in this Boxes.  I'm so Thrilled to have them on board.

We are going to give one away as a door prize drawing to 40K ticket holders.  The other 2 will be added to the "Best of Faction" 40K prizes.

****** But Wait we aren't done yet  ******
Anyone entering the event can use the coupon code FMGT2016 (Good through July 31st) for an additional 5% off any order placed with Dicehead.Com.   Making their webstore 25% OFF and if you use it with GW, you can call or email us the code to save on GW as well.

Thank you so Much to our Generous Sponsor:

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thank You to Bite Me BBQ

As much as 40K is a game of player skill, it is also a game of Match-ups.  Bite Me BBQ understands that.  That is why they have agreed to sponsor Flying Monkey GT with these 2 $15 Gift Cards.

For 2 players that draw particularly bad round 1 match-ups in the 40K Champs, these gift cards will help you remember what a good match-up is like.  Match-ups like Bite Me's mouth watering Beef Brisket with their spicy BBQ sauce.  Or their Carolina Pork Sandwich with their sweet and zesty baked beans.

Thank you to our newest sponsor, Bite Me BBQ:

*** Major Update ***

*** Major Update ***
Boom.  We've just sold our 58th Ticket:

That is enough to qualify to become an ITC Major.  I spoke with Frankie at Adepticon, and he assure me that we would become a Major if we could just pull 58 players.  He also confirmed it on the latest Signals episode:

We aren't done yet.  There are always a couple of people who can't make it at the last minute, so we still need your help to sell a few more.  Plus, every ticket we sell adds a bit more to our prize pool.

So Please Buy a Ticket

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Thank You to Spartan Games

I'm Pleased to Announce that Spartan Games has come through on their sponsorship promise. This 2 player starter set for the awesome game Firestorm Armada arrived at my office while I was away at Adepticon.

This will probably be added to our 40K prize pool. Most likely one of our "Best of (Faction)" Awards.
Thank you to our Generous Sponsor:

Thank You to Iron Halo GT

I'm Pleased to Announce that Iron Halo GT, our partner event has come through on their sponsorship Promise. They have offered us a ticket to their upcoming GT in Bartlesville, OK in October. This ticket will be added to our prize pool, and probably go to our "Best Sport"

The Iron Halo partnership is particularly valuable to us. It was at Iron Halo last year that we made the decision to turn our long term pipe dream of a GT in Wichita into a reality. The Iron Halo team has worked closely with us along the way, and their advise, promotion, and cooperation have been an integral part to the success of our Event.

Thank you to our Generous Partner: