Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Thank You to HobbyTown USA

I'm Pleased to Announce that HobbyTown USA has come through on their sponsorship promise.  They are one of our Friendly Local Gamestores, and a key sponsor for our event.

Their sponsorship includes:
1) A Large Trophy for Best Painted.
2) 5 Smaller Trophys for hobby achievement.
3) An assortment of ribbons for the rest of our Hobby prizes.
4) Lots of $7 off coupons for our Swag bags.
5) A Tidewall Gunring that will go in the "Best of (Faction)" pool.
6) A Robotech Model kit that will be awarded to best Conversion / Scratch built model.

I'm thrilled by their participation, and thrilled by these additions to our prize pools.

Thank you to our Generous Sponsor:  http://www.hobbytown.com/wichita-ks/

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